My customized art services are utilized within such corporate sectors as Architectural & Builders/Developers, Interior Design/ ASID, Hospitality & Restaurant, Gaming and Entertainment & Media.

These services include:

  • commissioned & customized Original Paintings & Limited Editions,
  • artist’s endorsements, design consultation and collateral materials
  • plus over 500 digital images for license.

Use the index below to discover how my services may help increase awareness and profits for your business.

Index Of Services:


Commissions & Custom Orders

  • Manders welcomes corporate commissions and individual collectors’ commissions
  • Specify Manders customized art for RFPs, architectural and/or interior design projects.
  • Deadlines and size requirements have never been an issue

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Corporate & Industry Services


Architectural & Building Developers

Here are but a few examples:

  • Architect/developers in Westport, CT acquire nine Manders paintings for their new design center. Manders conducts special opening events.
  • California builder/developers commission sculpture for exterior entrance to their 250,000 sq ft development. Manders speaks at municipal VIP dedication.

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Casinos & Gaming

Casino Directors Marketing Association welcome my art and customized art services at their meeting in Las Vegas. Here are some of the customized concepts to reward your guests and expand their casino experience. Here are but a few examples:

  • On-line or in-your-casino Manders Art Rewards for new and returning casino guests.
  • Commissioned & customized Original Paintings & Limited Editions.
  • Over 500 images (exclusivity available) for your invitations, menus, ads, publicity, etc.
  • VIP & public Manders Art Exhibitions & Artist Signings.
  • Manders Rental Art for themed events, conferences, parties, etc.
  • Rotating Manders Wall Art in VIP suites & public areas.
  • Trade discounts, sales fees and quantity pricing available.
  • artist’s endorsements, design consultation & collateral materials.

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Entertainment & Media

Here are but a few examples:

  • The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences invites Manders, for three years, to create a special Emmy® Limited Edition of 100, exclusively for the Emmy® Awards Presenters. Emmy® Awards Presenters include such celebrities as Angelica Houston, William Shatner, Alan Alda, Kyra Sedgwick, James Spader, Debra Messing, Doris Roberts, Geena Davis, Jon Stewart and Kiefer Sutherland, to list only a few.
  • Tokyo and Osaka Japan exhibit Manders’ original painting, “De Lovely” oil on canvas 24 by 30 inches. As the first lady of ebullient color, Manders’ original paintings are Hewlett Packard’s first choice to display the extraordinary color reproduction of these Limited Editions.

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Hospitality & Restaurant

Here are but a few examples:

  • Architect/developers acquire four Manders paintings and special collateral materials for their James A. Michener Art Museum extension Event Space in PA.
  • Top restaurants such as Mistral and LA Farm feature Manders art exclusively.

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Interior Design / ASID

Here are but a few examples:

  • Pam Hastings, ASID, specifies Manders painting for her Sarasota client’s remodeled condo.
  • Collectors Circle Designers of Fort Wayne, IN specify two Manders paintings for their clients home in West Palm Beach FL.
  • University Design Departments specify Manders art for their outside clients.
  • Designer Sandra Reckenwald of Pittsburg, PA specifies Manders art for her clients.

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Discounts: Trade / Corporate / Quantity

We are pleased to offer additional trade discounts beyond the Artist Direct Pricing quoted on our web site.

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Hewlett Packard Collaboration

  • I am the subject of a Hewlett-Packard Success Story click here
  • I use only hp DesignJet Large Format and Indigo Printer technologies to reproduce my art, to include limited editions, signed posters… 
  • HP Graphic Arts Division invites me to participate worldwide in many of their major trade and press events to include commissioning, touring and exhibiting my original art and limited editions to represent the extraordinary color reproduction capabilities of the HP Large Format and Indigo Printers.
  • By example, PMA visitors from around world gathered in the Las Vegas Convention Center and many had the opportunity to visit the Hewlett-Packard PMA Gallery exclusively featuring Manders’ original paintings and her Limited Editions. The first 100 PMA visitors received an individually signed Manders’ PMA special Hewlett-Packard Limited Edition of one of my original painting.

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License Images from the Manders Catalog

  • Corporate clients and individuals may select from the Manders Digital Catalog of over 500 digital copyrighted images.
  • Available for one-time-only license and exclusive, worldwide, all-media licensees
  • for ads, publicity, personalized business products, promotions, invitations, menus, napkins, placemats,
  • special occasions, Birthdays, Graduations, Valentines, holidays, etc.

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Manders’ Outreach Programs


Art In Public Places

I am always available to provide to any community my art – paintings, murals and sculptures. Art expresses and preserves the spirit of our community values.
Each of us is, first and foremost, an important part of our community.

Here are two of my projects for Art In Public Places:

  • California builder/developers commission a 14 foot, all steel, art deco sculpture for exterior entrance, entitled O2C – Oxnard Second Century.
  • ADL commissions Angelica de Espero (Angel of Hope) for the Los Angeles Community of Angeles Project.

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Art Classes

Throughout the United States several public and private school art teachers are currently studying my work as a leading edge American female contemporary artist. I am pleased to provide any ancillary materials that teachers might wish. Plus, as an artist/teacher, I am always pleased to speak to children and teens about the value of art in their lives.

To inquire about Art Classes click here.

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Philanthropic Collaborations

Several times each year I am pleased to collaborate with meaningful community groups,generally by opening my home to their invited members and offering my art as a means to stimulate contributions to these groups in support of their programs.

Here are but a few examples: ADL and Valley Community Clinic…

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Community Organizations

My art and art classes are available as contributions to schools and charitable organizations for their fund raising events. I regularly contribute art classes, original paintings, Limited Editions and signed posters to support their programs.

Here are but a few examples: Carpenter School, Autism Now, St. Joseph’s Center, Public Counsel. Fundraiser for Valley Community Clinic.

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Auction Gallery

My Auction Gallery is reserved for the benefit of fundraising opportunities for schools and charitable organizations. In coordination with the school or charitable organization, we will select a piece of my art for on-line auction exclusively for their members for a certain amount of time. The full value of winning bid is contributed to the school or charitable organization.

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Signing Engagements

I am pleased to coordinate and attend a signing event for my art with your organization depending upon my availability.

Here are but a few examples: Los Angeles County School for the Arts, ADL, CSUN, Hewlett-Packard…

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Speaking Engagements

Several times each year I speak to schools and organizations either in my home or at their facility depending upon my availability.

Here are but a few examples: Brandeis, Walter Reed High School, CSUN, etc

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Art Rental Gallery

We are pleased to rent / lease  original paintings, limited editions and sculptures to our qualified individual, studio and corporate clientsfor their homes, offices, productions, lobbies and special events.  All Renters may exercise an option to purchase the art work(s) at the purchase price specified on the Schedule of Rentals Agreement.

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Art Studio Location Rentals

The Art Experience is available to qualified renters as a production/studio companies for location shooting.

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