Becoming An Olympic Artist:

All Eyes On Me captures the moment when an Olympic champion realizes he or she is now and forever a role model. “Our kids need reliable professional role models at this time. I want to celebrate not only the great physical skill and competitive spirit of these champions, but also their admirable character traits.”


Female Olympic Artist


Susan Manders is honored to be official United States Olympic Artist. She is the second women to be selected in the history of the modern Olympics, and one of the few narrative artist to ever be selected. She proudly joins the ranks of other US Olympic Artists such as Rauschenberg, Graham, and Longo.

Susan’s intention, from the day she was selected, was to contribute the original Olympic oil painting to benefit her community – Los Angeles. “ St. Joseph Center made my desire to benefit our community a reality.” All the funds received from the successful auctioning of her Olympic painting supports the ten programs that St. Joseph Center provides.

This wonderful acknowledgment and honor began when Jack Scharr, who has licensed art for eight Olympics, was first struck by the vibrancy of Susan’s work and asked her to submit several examples of her work. Jack said, “Susan’s All Eyes on Me was chosen for its color and excitement that they wanted to portray for the United States team going to Greece in 2004.”

As Susan explains, “My Olympic painting is not about humans doing, but rather, about humans being” – no sweaty competitors in the act of seeking glory – “this is a moment of reflection, just before the competition.”

But there is always more, as is the calling of a narrative expressionist like Susan.

“In this Olympic moment, beneath the smiles and toni bodies, lurks the ever-present anxiety of the competition, and most importantly is the Olympic Oath that each athlete pledges to uphold. I wanted to celebrate not only the great physical skill and competitive spirit of these champions, but the life-long responsibility these athletes assume to live like champions with ‘all eyes on me’. The moment, when in the midst of adulation, a champion realizes that he or she has become a role-model and must act accordingly.”

Susan’s Olympic Art, All Eyes on Me, was officially unveiled at the New York Art Expo, coupled with signing and press events. As you can imagine, it was very exciting.

The unveiling included the All Eyes on Me Limited Edition Prints – 200 individually signed and numbered, printed on a deckle-edged parchment paper, embossed with the official Olympic insignia of the United States Olympic Committee.

Olympic Gold-medalist Dan O’Brien and Olympic Gold-medalist Dominique Moceanu unveiled Susan’s work. Jack Scharr, official US Olympic Art Distributor, and Dr. Thomas Rosendich, Chairman of the US Sports Academy officiated.

Susan’s original oil painting, All Eyes on Me (60 by 48 inches) continues to benefit our US Olympic Team as both Limited Edition Prints and Commemorative Posters.

As United States Olympic Artist, Susan is invited regularly to address student bodies at schools and universities. She truly enjoys sharing her good fortune with the community, particularly to encourage and empower the children of Los Angeles.


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