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Q. What is the age range of people in your classes?
A. I teach people of all ages in my class – 7 to 95. My students and I love the diversity.

Q. Do you council college prep students to prepare their personal portfolios?
A. Yes, both for submissions to art schools and for professional employment.

Q. When do classes begin?
A. Anytime. All group classes are ongoing – for adults, teens & children. So you may join anytime.

Q. Do you offer individual classes?
A. Yes. You may establish specific hours for one-on-one private instruction. In addition to painting instruction, I teach special focus classes (color theory, etc.) by appointment.

Q. How long are your classes?
A. 2 hours

Q. If I miss a class can I make it up?
A. Yes, on an alternate day.

Q. I’d like to take your class, but I think I will feel very self-conscious.
A. Know, that everybody feels that way. Just remember how kids feel the first day of school.

Q. How old does my child need to be to enroll in your class?
A. I teach children as young as 5.

Q. My child has some learning difficulties in school and I am not sure he/she could handle two hours.
A. I suggest for the first couple of classes we start with an hour or an hour and a half. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out that with painting and drawing time goes by very quickly. Studies have also suggested the many benefits of art classes for children with fine motor coordination challenges, math, reading and so much more.

Q. Do I need to stay with my child during class?
A. I prefer that the children be dropped off and picked up. If your child is hesitant to be dropped off, you can stay for a while until he/she feels comfortable. The exception would be if you as a parent would like to enroll in the class as well. I teach many parents and grandparents taking classes with their children/grandchildren. Everybody works on their own individual pieces.

Q. How are the children classes different than the adult classes?
A. In the children classes I incorporate additional materials and varied experiences. I teach them to work with paint, clay and many multidimensional experiences. With my teens and adults, the focus is on painting.

Q. Before I enroll in art classes do I need experience in drawing?
A. No. The methods that I use incorporate drawing and painting all at once. Painting is simply drawing with a brush. You will be able to experience success with painting and drawing in your first class – all you need is the desire to learn – I’ll do the rest.

Q. Do I need to have some natural talent?
A. No… most painters just have a burning desire to be able to express themselves. Stated simply, DESIRE to learn is the key element that you need to bring to class.

Q. I can’t draw a straight line and stick figures are the best I can do at this time. Would you be able to teach someone like me how to paint successfully?
A. As I’ve said, if the desire is there and you are open to taking a risk by learning what “process” is all about…. while I can’t guarantee anything… you will probably succeed. Once you start though, and begin to open your eyes and heart to new possibilities…. anything is possible. Painting is a life-long learning process.

Q. What do I need to bring my first day of class?
A. Nothing. For your first class you will not need your own materials; plus, part of the first class is to help you familiarize yourself with the studio and materials that you will use. At that time you will be given an art supply list and more details .

Q. In what medium do you begin your students?
A. I love to work with acrylics or oils. They work almost interchangeably. I usually suggest that people start with oils . However, I do have some students that prefer acrylics.

Q. What is the difference between oils and acrylics?
A. Acrylics are what they sound like… a plastic (acrylic) based paint that is water soluble. In other words, you do not need a solvent such as turpentine to clean your brushes. Acrylic paint also dries very fast as opposed to oils that dry slowly. Oils are comprised of natural elements from the earth and have proven to withstand the test of time. (I wonder how Rembrandt’s paintings would have held up in acrylic?)

Q. As an established artist, which medium do you prefer to paint?
A. I paint every day using both acrylics and oils depending on the mood and narrative I want to convey. Generally, I prefer oils. Having said that… I enjoy acrylics for many of my paintings because they offer different effects.

Q. What kind of brushes to you recommend?
A. For the most part, I like a firm bristle brush. I always use several different kinds of brushes for each painting. I also use brushes that are available in hardwood stores as well as art stores for particular effects.

Q. Are oils more difficult to use than acrylics?
A. Many people have heard that oils are more difficult…. However it is my true opinion that it is just a mindset. Oils are no more difficult than acrylics.

Q. Where do I purchase art supplies?
A. I most often recommend Dick Blick art Supply because of their prices. As my art student they offer a 10 percent discount.

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Artist Direct Pricing

  • You have the rare opportunity to acquire collectable fine art directly from Susan Manders.
  • You save up to 50% of the retail gallery prices.
  • All originals paintings and Limited Editions are discounted from the retail gallery price.
  • Additional trade and quantity discounts are available.
  • We accept American Express, VISA, MasterCard and wire transfers.

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Certificate Of Authenticity

  • Original paintings and Limited Editions are always accompanied by a signed Certificate of Authenticity
    to secure and record the authenticity of your Manders art.
  • Please keep your Certificate of Authenticity in a safe place.

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Original Oil Paintings

  • As a Los Angeles native, my artistic vocabulary stems from the LA multicultural lifestyles: paparazzi, Hollywood, Latino, fashionistas, celebrities, night life, beaches, and so on. My style is figurative or narrative contemporary expressionism. Basically, I am a story teller with an edge.
  • My original paintings are signed inverso and accompanied by a personally signed Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Crating, insurance and shipping are complimentary.
  • Please indicate the name and catalog number of the original painting that you are interested in ordering.

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Limited Edition Prints

  • Susan Manders Limited Editions are traditional collectible fine art prints in limited editions of 100 printed to Susan’s specifications with hp UV inks on hp Premium Artist Canvas.
  • Each Limited Edition collectible is individually signed and numbered by Manders and accompanied by a signed Certificate of Authenticity.
  • These reproductions rival their originals capturing the ebullient detail and brilliance of original Manders oils and are geared to the discerning eye of a collector.

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Signed Posters

  • My new Signed Posters are individually printed to my specifications on hp Glossy Photo Archival Paper (195 g/m) with hp UV inks
  • each capturing the ebullient detail and brilliance of my original paintings.
  • Choose any of my original paintings and we will create a signed poster just for you.
  • JUMBO sizes $110  Regular sizes $59
  • sizes may vary slightly based upon your selections

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Shipping / Handling & Sales Tax

  • No CA sales tax is added if shipped outside of California or with a resale number.
  • Original Paintings are created and shipped complimentary
  • Limited Edition Prints may be boxed/gallery wrapped (as the originals) and are created and shipped at a nominal additional cost quoted in advance.

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Ceramic Art & Sculptures

  • Working in several mediums keeps my work fresh, plus I enjoy each of them equally.
  • My art translates easily to ceramics (as it does to fabrics, metal sculpture, wood and jewelry).
  • Basically, glazes are to clay, as paint is to canvas.
  • I create only one-of-a-kind pieces, no reproductions of the originals; dinner settings, serving platters and bowls, vases, whimsical  hand-formed sculptures…

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Commissions & Custom Orders

  • Manders welcomes corporate commissions and individual collectors’ commissions.
  • You may specify Manders customized art for RFPs, architectural and/or interior design projects.
  • Deadlines and size requirements have never been an issue.
  • Here are but a few examples:
    • Hewlett-Packard commissions Manders to create an original painting and 100 Limited Editions.
    • Individual collector commissions Manders to create an original painting from an old family photograph.
    • Builder/developers commission a 14 foot, all steel sculpture.

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Trade Discounts

  • We are pleased to offer additional trade discounts beyond the Artist Direct Pricing.

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License my Images

  • Corporate clients and individuals may select from the Manders Digital Catalog of over 500 digital copyrighted images.
  • Available for one-time-only license and
  • exclusive, worldwide, all-media licensees
  • for ads, publicity, personalized business products, promotions, invitations, menus, napkins, placemats,
  • special occasions, Birthdays, Graduations, Valentines, holidays, etc.

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Art Rental Gallery

  • We are pleased to rent original paintings, limited editions and sculptures to  our qualified individual, studio and corporate clients for their homes, offices, productions, lobbies and special events.
  • The minimum term is three months for individual and Corporate Renters.
  • Special Events and Production company Renters minimum term is to be determined.
  • All Renters may exercise an option to purchase the art work(s) at the purchase price specified on the Schedule of Rentals Agreement.

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VIP Showroom

  • Individual collectors and corporate clients may establish a private on-line showroom,
  • accessible by code only,
  • in order to gather together the art works they have under consideration.

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Corporate Services

  • My customized art services are utilized within such corporate sectors as Architectural & Builders/Developers, Interior Design/ ASID, Hospitality & Restaurant, Gaming and Entertainment & Media.
  • These services include:
    • commissioned & customized Original Paintings & Limited Editions,
    • artist’s endorsements, design consultation and collateral materials
    • plus over 500 digital images for license.
  • To learn more click here

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Manders’ Outreach

To learn about Manders Outreach Programs please click here