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So it continues to be a special time for Manders. Here is a bit of what’s now:

Manders and Brent Spiner, star of stage, screen, television and known to Trekkers as Data, collaborated on Brent’s latest CD “Dreamland” featuring the 30’s/40’s vocal styling of the Brent and the amazing Maude Maggart.  “INGENIOUS” says The Wall Street Journal. Celebrating the successful launch of the CD, Manders created 2 special Limited Editions of her “Dreamland” cover art.

Valley Community Clinic supporters from Greater Los Angeles contributed generously at an art reception and exhibition hosted by Manders for the benefit of this community medical center.

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences invites Manders, for the past three years, to create a special Emmy® Limited Edition of 100, exclusively for the Emmy® Awards Presenters.  Emmy® Awards Presenters include such celebrities as Angelica Houston, William Shatner, Alan Alda, Kyra Sedgwick, James Spader, Debra Messing, Doris Roberts, Geena Davis, Jon Stewart and Kiefer Sutherland, to list only a few.  Each Limited Edition is individually signed and numbered by Manders and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Hewlett-Packard commissions an oil painting and 100 Limited Editions for their press and analysis’ conference. Manders attends Chicago VIPs’ signing event.

Architect/developers acquire four Manders paintings, plus Manders Digital Collaterals for their James A. Michener Art Museum extension Event Space in PA.

California builder/developers commission a 14 foot, all steel, art deco sculpture for exterior entrance to their 250,000 sq ft development. Manders speaks at municipal VIP dedication. (see below left)

Tokyo and Osaka Japan exhibit Manders’ original painting, “De Lovely” oil on canvas 24 by 30 inches. As the first lady of ebullient color, Manders’ original paintings are Hewlett Packard’s first choice to display the extraordinary color reproduction of these Limited Editions. Manders creates all of her Limited Editions on hp Premium Artist Canvas. (see above right)

Manders conducts special opening events for architect/developers in Westport, CT who acquire Manders paintings for their new design center.

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Students Study Manders:


Manders, as artist/teacher, becomes the subject of student studies. Now, throughout the United States several public and private school art teachers are studying Manders as a leading edge American female contemporary artist.

Golden Gate University in San Francisco, selects Susan Manders as the subject for a recent case study. Professor Allan Mann and his marketing graduate students create an in-depth marketing case study surrounding Manders’ art world.

Yale University graduate student Laura Smalligan interviews Manders for her graduate thesis entitled “The Pulse of an Era: Susan Manders and The Mambo” regarding Manders’ usage of dance and music imagery in her oil paintings. Ms. Smalligan is currently reprinting her paper in an art historical journal.

Susan provides any ancillary materials that teachers may wish and is always pleased to speak to students, of any age, about the value of art in their lives.

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